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About Us

Welcome to Sunset Valley Resort! We (Sonya Yenser-Hammon and Steve Hammon) purchased the resort in January, 2018. Having been yearly guests at the motel for over thirty years, we highly value the goals and atmosphere that previous owners, Linda and Howard Saidla, worked hard to uphold. We are committed to continue to offer a family and pet friendly, clean, economical summer haven on Lake Michigan to our guests. Our long term connection with the area has grown within us a great love for Lake Michigan and this area in particular. Sonya’s family has vacationed along this stretch of beach for over fifty years.  We started out staying in rental cottages owned by Nancy Emmett (former owner of the motel) to the West of the resort. As our family grew and added husbands and children and the cottages were gradually sold, we started staying at Sunset Valley Resort about thirty years ago. We have loved our time here at the motel with Linda and Howard.   Steve told Linda and Howard for years that if they ever decided to sell the resort that we would be interested. At that time it was just a dream for us. When they did decided to sell , we  chose to pursue our dream.

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