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Sunset Valley Resort (SVR) Guest Policies 
SVR strives to provide our guests with an exceptionally clean, safe, and friendly experience. The following policies have been established based on industry standards, management and operational procedures, and our personal experience of owning and operating the Sunset Valley Resort. These policies are considered a part of our reservation agreement with guests. By signing the resort registration or booking a room on-line, guests agree to abide by all SVR policies.

Accessible rooms:
• One accessible guest room (Sunset Room-room #12) is available; please contact SVR directly to see if this room is
   available. There are three other rooms that are mostly accessible (Room 13, 14, 15).
• All rates are quoted in United States currency, plus tax. Rates are based on standard room occupancy for each type of room.
Online reservations:
• May only be made for the current year-If a reservation error happens Management may void the reservation. If you want to make a reservation for the following year, please contact us at 231-889-5987 or 419-439-0659 to make the reservation.
• Online reservations are not refundable. Credit may be given less a fee depending on the notice of the change or cancellation. Please see Cancellation/Refund for parameters.
Guaranteed Reservations:
• We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover Card. Use of a credit card guarantees guest reservations. Please make sure to receive a reservation confirmation number when a reservation is made. Please see Cancellation/Refund for parameters.
Early Reservations for Next Season:
• No reservations can be made for the following season without management approval. To make reservations for the following season for the same time, please arrange that before leaving. A $100 non-refundable deposit per room will be required at the time of the reservation (this will be applied to your stay or if reservation is cancelled by March 1st) will be credited to your account). All current year guests have the first chance to reserve rooms for the following year.
Dog Free Rooms:
• We have designated “dog free” rooms for our guests with allergies. These Rooms are:  Inspiration Point (#3), Beach Glass (#4), Nature (#7), and Michigan Birds (#8).
Guest Registration/check in:
• Contact information will be collected from the guest making the reservations, including first and last name, address, phone number, and signature. For insurance purposes, the names of all guests occupying the room will be collected at that time as well.
• The primary registrant must be 18 years or older.
• Check in is at 4pm unless room is ready ahead of time, please call 231-889-5987 or 419-439-0659. Guests must check in at the front desk to get a key before going to their rooms.
• All guests must pay 50% of their reservation for the current year by April 1st or at the time of reservation if after April 1st.
• Balance of room charges for the stay need to be taken care of at the time of check in. Any additional charges should be handled at the time of service and verified that account is paid in full at departure.
• Guests paying cash may be required to provide a valid credit card number or cash deposit, to cover incidentals, at check-in.
• A valid government-issued photo ID is required for all transactions including check-in. 
• All reservations and registration must be guaranteed with a major credit card. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover Card. Personal checks are accepted. There is a $50 fee per return on all checks.
• Please park your vehicle in the designated parking areas as marked. Multiple vehicles may need to be parked away from the room if occupancy is high.
• Guest cannot hand over a room to third persons, even if the period for which the guest paid has not yet expired.
Coffee / Ice:
We have Ice available in the breeze way.  Please limit it to 1 bag per day.
We have coffee in the lobby by the front desk from 7:30am-Noon.
Smoking Policy:
• All rooms are 100% smoke free. Guests violating this policy will be charged a $250 fee.
• Our no smoking policy includes E-cigarettes/vape pens.
• We have 4 smoking areas, please use these areas only.
•Please NO SMOKING on the Deck and Beach area.
• Dispose of all cigarette butts in appropriate containers.
General Policies/Procedures:
• The maximum occupancy per room must be adhered to unless approved by management.
• Depending on circumstances, additional charges ($10/day) may apply for each additional guest in a room.
• Please tell us if there are problems with your room upon arrival.
• We understand that items get broken. Please let us know right away of any breakages so that we can repair/replace the item.
• Primary registrant ( person whose name reservation is under) are responsible for any and all changes in room agreements.
• Quiet time is 11pm, please be respectful of others.
• Sunset Valley Resort (SMH SKY Management LLC & SMH SKY LLC) are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal property while guests are at the Resort.
• We have private access to Lake Michigan, so please use our access and not those of our neighbors.

Please stay off of other property owners' break walls, stairs, and beach areas. We want to remain good neighbors. You may walk the beach in any area within five feet of the highest water mark. If you have any questions about this or have issues with other property owners, please let us know right away. Most property owners in the area are friendly. 
• SVR may refuse to accept guests who have violated policies during previous stays.
• Lost keys will be a $25 charge.
• The Resort assumes no responsibility for any personal bodily injury incurred by guests
   during their stay.
•  Safety cameras are used throughout the premises, and anyone on our outdoor property may be recorded.

• Guest are asked to sweep, wash dishes, and put them away before leaving. Trash, compost, and recyclables should also be taken out. This helps us to completely get rooms cleaned for our next guest.

Check Out Policies:
• Check out is 10 AM (local time). Please come to the office to drop off keys. This lets us know that the room is empty and ready to be cleaned. Late checkout without permission/notification could result in a $50 fee.
• Guest are asked to tidy up their rooms before departing. Please see the list of tasks in the in-room guest book. This helps us clean rooms in a timely fashion for our next guests.
• No full or partial refunds will be issued to guests who check out early. Guests who are asked to leave the property for violation of our guest rules and policies will not be entitled to any refunds or credit.

• SVR management reserves the right to enforce the following policy:
Cancellations (Thursday of Memorial Day Weekend thru Labor Day Weekend):
• 30 days before date of arrival, Memorial Day-Labor Day – minimum charge of 1 night stay or up to 25% of total stay plus taxes. 
• 20 days before date of arrival, Memorial Day-Labor Day – minimum charge of 2-night stay or up to 50% of total stay plus taxes.
• 14 days before date of arrival, Memorial Day-Labor Day – minimum charge of 3-night stay or up to 75% of total stay plus taxes 
• 7 days or less date of arrival, Memorial Day-Labor Day – minimum charge of 5-night stay or up to 100% of total stay plus taxes
• No refund for early departure.

From Opening to before Memorial Day weekend & after Labor Day Weekend until closing 
-    Cancellation 10 days before arrival - $35 fee
-    Cancellation more than 48 hours to 9 days before - $50 fee
-    Cancellation 48 hours before – 1 night stay (fee depending on the room)

Sunset Valley Resort (SMH SKY Management LLC) is not responsible for weather conditions, personal emergencies, or schedule changes. All changes will be handled to the best of our ability to reschedule if possible. We will give credit for room filled before your stay.
Your account will be credited less any fees for cancellation. Refunds will be given if need be.

Right to refuse service:
• SVR is privately owned and operated. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason(s) that does not violate Federal or State laws. Sunset Valley Resort reserves the right to refuse accommodation to those who refuse to abide by our policies.

Green Policies:
• Manistee County and Arcadia Township RECYCLE. Please rinse out containers and put in the
   blue bins located with the trash cans. Please check the list of items that are recyclable.
Dog Policy :
• While our facility is "dog-friendly", our four-legged friends are only allowed in certain designated rooms. Sorry, but the Resort does not allow cats, birds, snakes, pot-bellied pigs, or any other animals. Dogs only please, with a maximum of two. 
• A $25 per-night fee is charged for dog stays.
• Arrangements for bringing a dog need to be made at the time of reservation and at check in.
• Dogs must be on leashes at all times (this includes the beach).
• Our dog run is available and should be used, please do not let your dog go on the grounds if at all possible.
• Dogs must not be unattended in rooms or the dog run.
• Please be respectful of other guests who may be afraid of dogs.
• Clean up all dog waste immediately-waste bags are provided at the dog run and on the deck.
• Dogs are not allowed in other guests’ rooms.
• Dog owners/registrants are solely responsible for the actions of their dog. This includes any damage to Resort property, furnishings, or rooms, as well the property or personal injury of other guests.
•    All dogs must be registered at check-in.  Failure to register your pet will result in a minimum of a $250.00 fine.
•    Pet registration policy requires a $150.00 deposit, which is separate from the guest room deposit and refundable upon room inspection at checkout (8 a.m. or after).

Service animals and guide animals under the ADA, as amended, are accepted, but must be disclosed and "registered" upon entering the property to eliminate confusion with staff and other guests, and a separate document must be acknowledged.  Please speak directly with management to discuss specific pet/animal policy. 

Guest Removal Policy:
Guest may be asked to leave for the following (but not limited to) problems:
• Being involved in any police matter unless the matter arises through no fault of your own or due to circumstances beyond your control.
• Possessing or using any illegal substances.
• Possessing an unauthorized weapon or firearm
• Disrupting other guests with loud noise, TV, music, disorderly conduct
• Drunk/excessive drinking or disorderly conduct
•    Violating the hotel’s Service Animal and/or Pet Policy2
•    Tampering with or removing window stops, smoke detectors and other safety measures.
•    Creating fire hazards on-premises
•    Damaging or destroying resort property and facilities anywhere on the property 
•    Feeding stray animals on the property or keeping animals inside parked vehicles
•    Engaging in any activity, including social media, Craigslist, or other internet posts that might jeopardize the safety and relative privacy of any SSVR guest or employee(s).

• No full or partial refunds will be issued to guests who check out, including those ejected from the property for violation of our guest rules and policies, before their intended date of departure.

Firearms and Weapons (1):
Are not permitted on our premises without written approval by Management.
Exception is Law Enforcement who are on duty and required to for their job.
Questions concerning these policies, or its implementation may be addressed to the resort owners directly (231-889-5987 or 419-439-0659).

Cooking in sleeper rooms (Rooms 2, 6, 7):
• Use of other appliances besides the provided refrigerator and microwave, such as, but not limited to, coffee makers, hot plates, toaster ovens, rice cookers, barbecue grill, burners, or other heating appliance is prohibited. Charcoal grills are available for use outside by our guest.

• No unauthorized visitors after 10:00 p.m. Visitors must be accompanied by the registered guest at all times.

• Children of all ages are welcome. Parents, guardians, or chaperones are legally responsible for their supervision. For safety reasons, please do not leave children unattended in guest rooms or allow them to roam the resort property unsupervised.

• Is not provided, but we are happy to help. Please let us know if you need anything.

Lost & Found Policy:
• Sunset Valley Resort assumes no liability for lost, misplaced, stolen, or damaged valuables or belongings. If you discover that you have left behind something of value to you, please call us immediately (231) 889-5987 or 419-439-0659 and we will try to assist you in locating your lost item.

Free Wi-Fi Access:
• Access to our Wi-Fi is free for our registered guests. Wi-Fi signals are subject to change without
notice depending on the room’s location, the status of our Wi-Fi-equipment, and interference
from other local wireless signals. Sunset Valley Resort assumes no liability for guest use.

Damage Discovered after Check Out:
Room Damage:
• Damage to rooms, fixtures, furnishing and equipment including the removal of electronic equipment, towels, artwork, etc. will be charged at 100% replacement value. Any damage to resort property, whether accidental or willful, is the responsibility of the registered guest for each room. Any costs associated with repairs and/or replacement will be charged to the credit card of the registered guest.

Damage to Mattresses, Bedding, and Linens:
• Damage to mattresses and linen including towels, mattress pads, sheets, bedspreads, blankets will result in a charge for the special cleaning, repair or replacement of the damaged/removed article.

Damage or Tampering with Fire Detection Systems:
• Sunset Valley Resort reserves the right to act against any guest found to have tampered or interfered with any detection equipment. Depending on the severity of the guest actions, law enforcement may become involved at our discretion.


Policies and Procedures

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